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--- Quote from: MysticMoon on April 06, 2014, 12:24:12 PM ---When your hair is close to 3' long... a couple strands can look like a cat went missing :P

--- End quote ---

2 months later, this is becoming more and more true.

In a completely unrelated note, all those jokes about kidney stones being the closest a man can get to childbirth?

100% true. There are no words for that level of agony.

Words cannot express how happy it makes me to see this thread is still a thing. You're going to get some words anyway.

Tongs. Salamander. Searing. Triangle. Ablated. Origami. Suzerain. Apollo. Tuscany. Lavender. Meat Fork.

Long hair and kidney stones? I've had these. The Hair only made it to about 1'6" and The Stone of Kidney was but a wee gem. Get it? Wee. Gem. I'm transforming.

Hmm, the longest my hair has gotten in my life is probably 3" Yes, I'm uptight and square :P

For the first several years, I kept my hair in a simple pony tail. What amazed me most is just how tangled that s**t becomes after the slightest breeze... like the little suckers, when left to their own devices, can't help but wander about like cats. Probably 6 or so years ago, I started braiding it. Much safer, as they have not yet learned to work together. To explore, to grasp, to wander. If ever they do, the gods help me.

Ancient Gamer:
The longest hair I ever had was 3'2". What I remember the most was the nights, when my hair got stuck under my body and I had to shift entirely over, just to turn my head.




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