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Yeah, I've heard the books are of very varying quality. Really like the show though. GoT is acctually the only show/movie I've seen where a dwarf have gotten to play a non-derisive role. I mean sure, Peter Dinklage is called the Imp, but other than that, at least they don't have him talking in a squeaky voice and running around doing cheap comedy. I hate being behind a season though...So I probably shouldn't be in this thread. >.<


Note the First: That Zelda is extremely cute. I'd stab Link for her too.
Note the Second: Yes, Nathan Fillion is that awesome.
Note the Third (obligatory snark): Your Castle is in another princess.

Circa 1997-8 there was a Star Wars strategy game, Battlefleet or something like that. My friend was terrible at the game, he would built between one and three Corellian Corvettes and the same number of X-Wing squadrons and would take this group and challenge Imperial systems being defended by as many as 3 Star Destroyers. None of these sorties ever came close to being successful, and his insistence on the strategy caused us to rename the ships Kevorkian Corvettes.

Watching the 1979 B-Movie Starcrash, and the horrible attack runs by the good guys in the silver tube ships against the blue ship/station shaped like a hand with yes, grasping finger action. Made me think of it.

That is all, carry on.

Epix Drive In is an awesome as s**t channel for aficionados of campy and s**tty movies.

It has come to my attention that some people think that I'm blood thirsty.  This is categorically false, it's just that properly taking prisoners in such a way that they are incredibly unlikely to escape is a difficult proposition, but as always I will rise to the challenge, so I present you with:

--- Quote ---Pariah's Guide to Proper Prisoner Restraint

Step 1) To properly assure the prisoner doesn't have any contraband on themselves they first need to be completely stripped of all clothing and other belongings.  At this point you can put a nice Robe of Powerlessness on them so as to protect their dignity while striping them of their strength and intelligence.

Step 2) Bind their hands behind their back and bind their feet together, if you're going to need to transport the prisoner later you can leave up to 6" of slack on their feet.  It's also recommended that you bind the prisoner's elbows together as well, of course leaving enough slack that you're not causing the prisoner undue discomfort.  This last part prevents the prisoner from dislocating one of their shoulders to get their hands in front of their body.

Step 3) This step deals primarily with preventing the prisoner from casting spells.  If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the prisoner can't cast spells you may skip this part.  Tie the prisoner's fingers together so that he is unable to move them, preferably in some way where the thumb is tied to another finger.  This prevents the suspected magic user from casting spells with a somatic component.  Next place some sort of fragile glass container, or, preferably, a hollow glass ball gag with an abnormally deadly poison inside of it in the prisoner's mouth and secure it with a gag.  The glass will keep the prisoner from chewing through the gag while at the same time prevent the casting of spells with verbal components.

Step 4) If you skipped step 3 go back and do it again.  On that note, if you're going to skip steps like this you might as well kill yourself and save the prisoner the effort.

Step 5) Tie a rope on a rafter or overhand tree branch, after making sure it's sturdy enough to support the prisoner.  Using the other end of the rope make a noose.  If you have a log or chair available, place it under the noose and have the prisoner stand on it.  Secure the noose around the prisoner's neck, leaving approximately 3" of slack.  While some may view this step as overkill, it is necessary to prevent the prisoner from finding a sharp rock with which to cut his bonds.  Being unable to crouch down, even if the prisoner spies such a rock he or she will be unable to retrieve it.

Step 6) Blindfold the prisoner.  You can never be too sure and for all you know the prisoner has a mind control gaze that only works on squirrels.

Step 7) This is the only part that requires a magic user, but like all the previous step it is vital that you do it.  Cast Explosive Runes on the prisoner's chest.  This booby trap should stop any of the prisoner's friends from freeing him or her, additionally the force from the spell triggering combined with the noose should break the prisoner's neck if the spell itself doesn't.
--- End quote ---

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