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The Call of Captain-thulhu

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Daughter got a la la loopzy (or whatever) but it has this hair on either side that you can move and adjust in an assortment of ways....an assortment that when extended looks much like the tentacles of Cthulhu coming out of the depths. So I have my daughter calling it her Cthulhu-doll now. Whenever the hair isn't curled, it is in Cthulhu mode.

This morning when she woke up she told me, "Last night mommy put me in bed with Cthulhu."

Funniest moment of the day!!!!

The Fish is on Fire

So I'm reading Shards of Honor, and I can't quite get it out of my head that it feels like reading my own writing style. It's a decidedly odd feeling.

Sometimes I read a submission because it seems familiar, and I really start getting into it.

Then realize I wrote it like 5 years ago

One of these days, I'd really like to participate in a campaign set in the Megaman X universe, or something extremely similar. GM, player, I'm not sure I really care which.


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