Author Topic: The Celestial Bureaucracy has invaded Strolens! All hands at deck. err,ramparts!  (Read 167 times)

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Free the Citadel!

Less bureaucracy, more roleplaying!

*Tags the Citadel tower and runs away, into the night*
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We should form a committee to investigate this problem immediately. 

First we need to agree upon the committees mission statement

Second determine the criteria for membership

Next move all the observation deck chairs into the life pods....

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I volunteer to head up the Department of Redundancy Department.
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Triumph of the Dungeon Master!

Ah, how I have come to love that sense of accomplishment and victory that I get when I pull the wool over the eyes of a clever player character. What DM Triumphs have you had?

Some of mine:
1. Finally killing an incredibly powerful, lucky, annoying player's character.
2. Finally achieving a TPK (Total Party Kill)
3. Finally achieving a TPK using only traps
4. Finally working out how to make it so that d**n wizard doesn't steal the spotlight all the d**n time.

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I volunteer to head up the Department of Redundancy Department.
Can't belive I didnt get this joke until third reading. LOL
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I understand there's going to be a riot here later?

:has molotov cocktails, natty lite, and a walkman:
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