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Honestly I am to lazy to look for a particular thread where this should go. I know it exists because I've commented on it. Its Saturday and the kids are gone from the house. Sue me.

So I was thinking after looking at the twenty some odd updates of Cheka Man on his Replacing a Traitor sub. I noticed that it must be Hidden or Private as when you click on any of the updates it sends you to the Grue page. Is there a way to not show updates on stuff that is hidden or not view-able? That was someone going on a huge updating binge doesn't push other updates off the front page? Just curious.

Kudos for him for doing so much work on his subs, mad props there. Just curious.

This would be nice to also have for just in-work subs in general, as well as when scroll entries are added to in-work subs.


Either updates will only happen if the submission is viewable....or no comments will work at all and it will crash.


Glad I could think of a useful idea...


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