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I like it better than the old one!

Suggestions welcomed. You can see the direction I am going, help push me.

I would enjoy seeing the ability to view forum activity from the citadel main page make a come back as well as being able to see how high/low I voted on a sub. (Not just whether I voted or not.)

Being able to see what I voted on a older sub is really handy to me in the event the author updates it with enhancements or what not so I can easily see how I voted on it  earlier and whether or not to raise my vote.

Yes, for certain!!! Sorry that got dropped for some reason. Not on purpose.

The forum activity was shot down by a web usability expert but am waiting for another fly-by review on it. I could probably put it in hidden by a link to start so you would have to click to expand it to actually view it maybe but want to get the next assessment done before I do that. On the probably table!

Consider this another vote for bringing back the forum activity to the main site. I like seeing an overview of *all* site activity from the main page. It saves me from having to click around to see everything. What reason did the usability expert give for taking it out?

And other vote from me here too.


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