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It is still in work to fine tune some of the ugliness but I am trying to make things more obvious and hide the stuff that isn't really necessary. There is still A LOT to do on the page but the basic, overall format isn't going to change too quickly.

But, please let me know about any bugs you come across. It should work though. Whether you like or not might be the question.

Comments are always welcome.

Not exactly a bug, but your conversion to Bootstrap (while extremely commendable) also fragged the submission CSS. They definitely don't look as good now, imo. Perhaps someone else can chime in for or against on this?

My biggest dislike is it is wider than before. Most of the formatting should be the same as I didn't change the css for that at all. However some of the initial css reset parameters may be different with the change which may account for some differences in rendering.

Anything specific to hang a hat on?

Did a little work on it to make it look better. THink I caught some of the bigger stuff. Blockquote was a concern and I changed the font, not sure it that was a good edition or not.

Also took the comments and stopped the stair step. Each set of comments and replies are separated by the line and coloring so the indent was unneeded I think. Reply/+ buttons are lined up and look nicer that way too.

I didn't have too much to complain about, since the font change is what mostly caught my eye. I'll work with the new one for a while and see if I adjust. (Hey, I only spend every day working to ensure customers can use the webpages I build...) I think the blockquote change would look good, but not combined with the main <p> font.

I like the removed stair-stepping, since the lines DO delineate it nicely. You might darken the alternating background color a bit, however. That would add some extra contrast. And lest I be a whiny punk who complains and offers no helpful advice about it, I'd suggest you try rgb(237, 222, 200) on the .even class. It seems dark enough for solid contrast without being overpowering.


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