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I gained such knowledge by always being the DM. Sure I had control of all the NPCs, but I never experienced the true complexities of figuring out the puzzles and strategies set before the characters (sob, sob).

I am thinking of posting an item I used to buy time developing a next scenario (I always had a small outline with characters and maps for a game, but prefered to create their encounters on the fly). I would always try to throw little quirky experiences to keep them guessing.

This continued drive to develop fresh ideas led me to create a system of my own. So, much of what I write will be what I used in the past, or desire to flesh out now. This seems to give me a good forum to toss out my ideas. Kinda like the character Ur'jund, I wrote in. I've had the idea for him for ten years (roughly), but never was able to sit down and give him life. I changed who his enemies are (races and characters from my system) to known opponents- drow - so as to keep the focus on him. I also found myself developing a magician class based on quick bursts of power to gain an advantage in melee combat (must keep on back burner. . . need to resist being side tracked again).

Wow, nifty!

How come we usually focus our meeting in an inn or bar? I swear I am becoming a right drunk! I think I need to get to the studio create a few sculptures or paintings. Heh, maybe I could go to a market. I need a new dagger anyhow.

is it true an alcoholic is just a drunk thats afraid of a hangover? We might want to watch out.

Ha Ha! Anyway, I took a look at that market and They have very nice Daggers. I have some business that I need a couple for next weekend. Erg! they wont let me have a weekend off for a while. I envy you. Although some of that business is in Cedar Point.  :D  So after I get the town under control (They have ppl there already, they are trying to calm them so I don't have to work like I did with the trolls) I get Monday off!

I want to go to cedar point!


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