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..can go a long way!

Note: I wasn't sure if this was the right section of the forum to start this thread, so if it isn't would a Moderator please move it?

Right, with that out of the way I can get to the point.

When I first discovered Strolen's 4 (or was it 5?) years ago I had just gotten into roleplaying having been introduced to AD&D 2nd Ed by my father. I have been an avid reader almost all my life, and have been writing short stories on a regular basis since I turned 13.

Roughly 2 years ago now I took a break from all these hobbies of mine because I had a whole host of problems threatening to consume me in real life.

As a result of which I'm now finding it very difficult to get back into the swing of things. No matter how much I try. I will have ideas, I will write them down, and then I have no clue how to turn them into a submission worthy of uploading to this here site.

I remember either Scrasamax or Moonhunter telling me to write a little each day (around 100-300 words) a day and to maybe go for 1 submission a week. I've now had the same advice given to me by Silveressa the other day.

So here is what I intend to do.

Take up my daily visit to the library and sit there reading for a few hours as I used to. Work a little on a submission each day for a week, uploading it on a Sunday.

Last but not least I shall do my best to use this here thread for my daily typing exercises.

After I have written something I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Be as harsh and critical as you like, after all my aim is to get better at what I love and rescue it from the neglect I have made it endure.


I think this is a great idea. I've recently run into a similar situation: real life gets real, cut down on hobbies, and having a hard time getting back into them. I've been trying to write a bit every day, but I find myself jumping around a lot as far as what I want to write. Few hours ago I wrote that Familiar Elementals submission inspired by Freetext Friday and a short fantasy piece about an epic wizard duel. Neither were anything fantastic but I'm glad I managed to finish them.

This definitely inspires me to keep going at it, knowing someone else is having a similar issue. I'll do what I can to support your efforts. Comment/critique/etc when I can. Good luck!

Thank you. Enough procrastinating already!

I need an idea to write to.. Brainfreeze >.<

i would suggest checking out the Freetext Friday challenge, or go into something esoteric, like the 100 Word Submission challenge, or write up a 30 submission. You might only get a few entries a day, but after a week or two you have a full submission.

I need to take my own advice.

I have an idea in mind for a 30.

"30 Tavern Wenches / Serving Girls"

What do you think?


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