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Hi, I'm SmokestackJones, known in some circles as DM Glen.  Thought I'd add this esteemed place to my list of Places To Visit Regularly.

I've been playing RPGs since around 79-80, starting with 1E AD&D and Gamma World.  I've had experience with D&D, AD&D, Champions, CoC, WFRP and maybe a few others (TOON, anyone?).

Currently I'm deeply entrenched in the OSR, my personal poison being Mentzer/RC Basic D&D, although I do occasionally dabble in 1E and 2E (I play RC D&D with my grandson sometimes, am currently involved in an Actual Play 1E Oriental Adventures game and I spent most of my formative AD&D years playing 2E).  I'm also co-hosting the Save or Die Podcast (for Basic D&D - and hosting THAC0's Hammer (for 2E AD&D -

I'm also a dyed-in-the-wool Californian stuck in Oklahoma City, OK (The Gaming Black Hole), do voicework for audio dramas on the  'net and some stage acting.

Well, there I am, all laid out for you to dissect.  Thanks for having me and I'll see you guys around here.



Welcome! New blood is always welcome in the Citadel.

Welcome aboard sir! Stay a while. Stay forever.......

Welcome, fellow old-schooler! Great to have you. Enjoy your stay!


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