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The Muros-2011

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Aaaaaand, WE'RE BACK! (who knew Peter Dinklage attended the Muros?! And he's so excited!!)

Here comes another award. This award seems timely, as we currently have a Quest going on, and not a single sub to show for it  :dunno:

Strolenites and Citadelians, I urge you to take example from this evenings winners of the 2011 Most Quest Submissions Award!

These two gentlemen seize the proverbial bull by the horns, whenever a Quest arises, and make hamburger patties out of it!

Without further ado...ok some more ado first---ado, ado, ado---I present the winners. Yes winners with an S. We have a tie for most Quest submissions for 2011. Pieh and Dossta, take your bows!! 12 entries apiece! With an honorable mention to ChekaMan with 11 for the year!

and now a poem, as the winners make their way onstage....

If there is a Quest
You know who's the best
These guys never tire
We never see them perspire
They just post away
And have a great day!
A dash of Dossta, a pinch of Pieh
Throw in a Cheka, and the limit's the sky!

Cheka Man:
Thank you, I'm honoured.

Grats you guys...

My first thought upon receiving this reward was, "Didn't I win that the year before, too?"

Yeah. I did.

I can't rightly say I remember much of 2011. I'm bad with things like time and distance so its not much of a surprise that there are few events in my memory that I designate as occurring during 2011. Seems like it must have been a good year.

Thank you, all of you.

And to Dossta, it's nice to see you up here with me. I like your work and I'm glad you're making a lot of it.

Cheka, that was d**n close. Good work.

2011 was truly a blur, so I was honestly surprised that I managed to post as much as I did.  Pieh -- I couldn't have said it better.  Thanks to Muro and the Citadel for recognizing the efforts of these two excellent gentlemen beside me, and for throwing an award my way as well.  May the 2012 quests be as thought-provoking as those that came before.

Also, congrats to Mourn and Mystic for their respective "Best of" submissions.  *cue round of applause*


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