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We couldn't afford Billy Crystal as MC this year, and Mathom was unavailable, so handing out the statuettes falls to yours truly. We will commence with the award presentation festivities this weekend. If anyone has any fascinating, quirky, or MUST-HAVE award ideas (that you felt were missing from last year's ceremonies), please let me know asap in this thread. I'm still debating, for example, if we should have some polls for a few award categories, where everyone can vote a winner. Not sure.

Ah, yes! I was just waiting for that beautiful dark-red and gold, winged graphic, and now we can begin in earnest!! Thanks Strolen!!

As the last of ourtalented nominees proceed from the red carpet to their respective seats, the lights dim, some cheesy music begins playing softly, and the curtain is swept back on the 2011 MURO AWARDS!!

A truly one-of-a-kind honor, the winners of these make-believe statuettes should know that their efforts and ideas are acknowledged and appreciated by their peers! Long live the Citadel!

We begin. Lets dive right in, just like at the Oscars, there is no rhyme or reason a to why the first award is handed out first.

Tonight's first award goes to a grizzled citadel veteran, a sometimes cantankerous, often prodigious, and at times brilliant, Strolenite. The Best System of 2011 Award goes to none other than, Mourngrymn for Constellation Myth

Speech, Mourn! Speech!!

Tonight's second award, on the other hand, goes to an often mysterious producer of wonderfully offbeat ideas. An all-arounder, who we are glad to count among our ranks. You may now refer to him, as the winner of the Best Society of 2011 Award. I give you, MysticMoon for The Undead Knights of Knonii!!!!

Take a bow sir, you've earned it!!

And i might add, both gentlemen are first time Award winners, so lets hear it for them both!!

We will return after a brief one-hour word from our sponsors...(a game of thrones, sea.2 ep.1 9pm EST)

*Tap, Tap, Tap... Is this on? Um, hi.

There is little I can say that will encompass the scope of how I feel right now. The grand excitement, the thrill of being up here in front of my fans. Yes all four of you.
Crowd: Applause Whoo hoo...
Thank you, thank you, you flattery me. Really. This delves into my thoughts of last years awards and how wonderful it would have been nominated for such a grand award as this.
Crowd: You should've got Oscar!
Well, you know. It's...just to be nominated...
Crowd: You were nominated?
No, no, no. I wasn't nominated. I'm just saying that to have been nominated would have been nice. It's just...it's very political. You have to take out ads...
Crowd: Shut up now! Get off the stage...
Ahem. Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I found myself resorting to posting a request for suggestions from a bunch of idiots on an internet message board.  The responses were ... interesting, to say the least.  Now, since I don't feel up to performing an impersonation of Gollum, Bjork, Paul Whitehouse or Chris Morris, all I can do is thank the team at the Muro Awards for deciding that I was to be the recipient of this grand award, and get off the stage with my dignity intact.  Thank you very much.

I found the heckler. He is one of the sponsors so we have to deal with it.

His overall message was the same as the rest of us, however....


d**n you dwarf...


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