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Mini Adventures #1: The Tower in the Glacier

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Siren no Orakio:
"Beasts with no smell..." For a long moment, the Kihtan frowned, looking about the scene of the carnage. "And their blood, and entrails, pack-brother? Does that smell?" A peculiar question to ask, perhaps, but now he wondered if these apes had ever truely lived at all, or if they were pure sorcery. And thus even more terrifying.

Now, to the apparent sorceress. "Do you know if some dark wizard could have woven such things?"

Kisanth pondered the question for several seconds, recalling her knowledge of conjuring and golem creation before giving her response. "If they were summoned their death would have banished them back to the realms they were conjured forth from, were they given unnatural life by magical conjuration, killing them would have been much harder."

Enquiry: having read through this and liking it. I would like to know if it's possible for me to jump in? GM could you PM me with details?


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