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Winter's Gem is complete.

Starting work on Travvak, Planet of the Trallong. It will be finished on the 19th and will complete my latest personal goal (probably my last for awhile.) So far I just have the basic outline with some of the beginning sections.

Many thanks to Chaosmark for helping me get this off the ground.

Only a few minor additions made to Travvak, mostly to fill out the rough outline. That gives me Wednesday and Thursday to finish it up.

And with only 2 days left, I missed my mark. Even so, I'm pretty happy with how well I did. Having an explicitly stated goal has made me far more productive and helped me push myself much further than I had before. However, I'm going to retire this thread for the foreseeable future. It's been a great training wheels type of tool for me but now I'd like to see how I fare when making goals in a less public way.

I very much appreciate all of the encouragement, helpful ideas, and feedback which I have received during this time.

Awesome job Mystic. I have been meaning to finish my location subs based on SE's Decathros for months now. I have what I want to write, just need to buckle down and do it!!


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