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New goal: Questor 4-Pack

And now for something completely different.

I have proven to myself that I can write daily when I set my mind to it. And while it feels good to get things done and posted in a short timeframe, I want to improve the quality of my work. With that in mind, I set the following challenge for myself:

--- Quote ---I will produce 4 subs, each for a different quest that I have not yet entered. I give myself 5 days per sub: 2 for drafting, 1 for a cooling-off period, and 2 more for additions and edits before posting.

The following are the due dates:

* Wednesday 9/4
* Monday 9/9
* Saturday 9/14
* Thursday 9/19
--- End quote ---

Any indepth feedback on these subs will be highly appreciated.

Good luck, Moon! You should try to make the quests line up with guild quests where possible!

After that, if you want a different take again on personal goals, have us give you some keywords or themes that you have to adhere to for your next subs!


I debated whether or not to post progress updates here. I decided to do so, at least to keep myself honest (with myself, of course :P ) No skipping writing days.

Attached is my first stab at a sub for the Zombies (the apocalyptic kind) quest: Zombie Servants of the Ch'thra. It is not yet complete. Tomorrow I finish the first draft.

Getting into the swing of things with the completion of the first draft.

 :yourock: :victory2:

(I knew the new smilies would come in handy!)


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