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The Hunt For the Enchantress

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"Well lad, I think you are right on one score, you will need my help." Anoikis held an open hand in front him in a staying gesture "Now you just stay there, I am going to find me ax.  Don't be moving after me just watch that nothing comes up behind me."  Anoikis steps into the darkness from which the shadow jumped, wiping shards of wine stained pottery out of his thigh as he goes.   

”A HELL ON EARTH” Anoikis screams from the darkness. Bram jumps, and draws his sword. Anoikis returns his dagger between his teeth his hand ax in three pieces in two hands.  Dropping the pieces near his pack he says with disgust "The iron fitting itself is snapped." He takes a step away from Bram and rolls his large pack over between them. Squatting down he unties the lashes that hold it shut.

"First things lad, that sword you have, it is a might piece of work but I doubt you have seen much of the world with it.  You sheathed it when you saw me, while I know I am not a fearful sight all drunk and sprawled out but I still had an ax in my hand and could have split your head like a ...ah...well like a head." Anoikis removes a large polished and engraved piece of wood from his pack. "You did not know fact or fiction about me lad, now here you are right ths, old Anoikis here is about as dangerous as a …ah viper in snow bank” Anoikis smiles at himself about that phrase while bending to his work. “But for a lad that just found his entire life was built on a lie....well…yous awful trusting and I won't take a traveling companion who ain't surly enough to guard his own arse. Yous was polite that is good, yous was friendly that’s good. I am that way, I’d never try to scare or insult my worst enemy, but I am also careful"

Anoikis raises his hand again to stop Bram from responding, and says “One more second lad, I ain’t finished, and I hate to say to this but a lot of good young girls and boys die every day.  If you spent your days saving at least half of em, you’d never have time for a life.”  Anoikis fits two identical arched pieces of metal end to end on either side of either side of the grove that runs down the middle of the wooden stock.  It is a heavy crossbow, with stock at least three feet long and metal prods.  With the blade of his dirk he tightens the prods and pulls a metal stirrup out of his bag.  “Just consider one thing, that town of yours sounds like a gold mine, you know how many cons and snake oil sales men I know that would pay good money just for two days with a town like this. Think about your future lad, you save this girl, you expose the town’s error and kill all those evil collaborators that you grew up with and what will you have personally?  Will it make the town better to know of its shame?  I’d tell you to make peace with this. I’d tell you to make as much gold as you can from those poor saps in Fourcrease and move on.  But I can tell you won’t listen. If you were smart you put yourself first, there’ve been plenty of young lads who sacrificed themselves for others and they’re up dead or alone.”

Anoikis stands with an assembled heavy crossbow, and a detachable crannequinn. He places his foot in the stirrup, attaches the crannequinn to the stock, then the crannequinn to the catch, then the catch to the string and he starts cranking. “Third question lad…well questions. . . how do you know the truth of all this? Did the witch’s lads explain it to you? Yourself said you were ignorant of all these details until somebody gave you that necklace. How do you that isn’t the enchantment itself?” he gestures at the item. “Finally if this is all true, why did they take your niece, why take some one from the one person in the village who could do something about it?  Why not just take your neckless. Unless they expected you to do something about it, we are out of the village right?  Your family has already forgotten you if your enchantress story holds true and perhaps this is just what they want.”

Anoikis squats again pulls out a yeast loaf sized hinged bark wrap, he opens it and reveals 9 cross bow bolts. “I have got 5 silver heads, 3 steal heads and 1 flint head. You expect this witch to be alone or she got a coven?” 

OCC: I hope this will be my longest one, just wanted to get all that stuff out.  Do you have a clear idea of where you want this to go?  Let me know and I will be on board.

         Bram took in the mans words with both slight injury to his pride and tacit acknowledgement. "It's true" Bram started, "I haven't much experience with a blade in deadly combat, nor do I have years of adventuring behind me. But one thing I do have, is a sense of smell." he said, placing his finger on the rim of his nose. "Thats how I could tell you apart from the other illusions; once you spoke, the smell of booze and merriment practically took up residence inside my skull. It is not something fey forms can mimic easily. Or... so I've heard. Regardless, it was still foolish of me." He walked over to the man now, this stranger who had helped him, and met his discerning gaze. "Now, to answer your first question, I am not completely sure if this plot I've uncovered is indeed truth. It could all be an elaborate scheme of some sort, but I feel as if I have no choice now; the chance to turn back has long since passed behind me. The reason they did not take my talisman is simply because they do not know I have it. I had over heard some of them talking in secret one night. Apparently, I am not the first to have woken up. There have been others who have broken the spell without the aid of magic interference. All of whom had been abducted, swallowed by some form of magic while they slept. Against this, I later learned, the talisman also protects. So you see, I appeared a far greater threat then any other before them. Luckily for me, they chose the path of caution in my case, or I may have been killed.

They followed me for days, waiting for a chance when I was alone to take me away. I simply never gave them the chance. That is why they took Ada, to lure me here. But I believe it is more then that alone. Eventually, with or without anyone else, I would of had to come here to hunt for the enchantress. Ada might be her leverage in case I get too close."

Bram rested his arm against the hilt of his sheathed sword, pointing with his free hand. "The tales of the enchantress had always said her lair was to the north of the village, in a withering grove surrounded by magic ritual barriers to deter intruders. Tests and obstacles of both mind and body. Those fey forms were only the first.  I dont know how reliable these stories are, but Id argue that they were meant to teach us early that the woods were a treacherous place, and to stay away. It was practically written into law never to enter the forest. No, they must be hiding her here somewhere. I dont think we have to worry about any cult members either. They occupy the town to keep us in line whenever someone wakes up. Now if you want, you could tell me about yourself on the way there. You could start with your name."

He then began walking forward sword drawn yet again, marching to the north.

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"Hold on Braim, I am not about to sit around  in dark woods while a zealot lad goes an tangles with fey forms.  I have taken up a bigger foolish and weaker causes under the banners of kings and gods.  I'll take up the banner of yous daft story too, but you will have to wait just a second longer before I follows" Anoikis, places an steel bolt in the bow, and a small latch holds it in place.  He then ties a belt on with holds a small quiver and sheath for his dagger.  He puts on a black enamelled steel skull cap style helmet, places a matching gorget around his neck and clasp steel bracers on his for arms.  "would be so kind as to carry the pack, your young and strong, beside the water in there is blessed you may need it. Blessing don't agree with me. Whatever that thing was that tried to flanks us when that fey form attack it wasn't a wraith or an illusion and it ran north."
He straps the much lighter back onto Bram's back and puts his broken ax head in there.  Anoikis is still disarmed by this boys trust and as he tossing the idea around in his mind he says he starts speaking out loud unawares. "...I am old, death and pain are things I have long resigned to but you lad shouldn't be so eager to get your throat slit..." Bram looks over a shoulder at him, and Anoikis smiles and steps away.  "My forget what my mothers calleds me, but I goes by Anoikis, I thinks it means withouts a home. Okay lad lets keeps a distance a bit so we see but not trips over each other and you lead on"

Anoikis scans the wood again, the feeling of danger and fatigue sitting in him like an old wound, expected but still hurtful. To himself he thinks, "somebody the lad will learn that drunks with axes are more threat than fey forms and witches."

The driving rain, thunder and lightning aimed to distract Huk from the warnings. Many of the older,
prouder trees still did not choose to allow him the closeness he was awarded from the saplings and
grasses. It was these younger shoots that brought the news. Huk spoke to them not with words but
with an inner understanding, a link that few could readily comprehend.

There were strangers in the woods and that often brought trouble. Indiscriminate fires, litter and the
like caused great distress to his adopted kinfolk and those that dwelled within. There was also the
darker side of the forest that chose purposefully to mislead the unwary. They were heading to an
area that he himself had yet to explore, an area where malignant forces were prominent, an area he
had knowingly avoided until now.     .

Huk could not stand by while others moved towards such danger. They were some distance away
and he would need to make haste to stop their folly. He grabbed a waterskin, dagger and
quarterstaff knowing he would need to travel light. Running his tongue over the broken tusk that
betrayed his true ancestry he set forth through the briars that had been his home for over three
seasons now. The thorns allowed his billowing robes to move freely and Huk thanked them for their
kindness. The elements however, attempted to disuade him from his course of action but Huk held
true knowing lives were at stake. The druid knew that a spell to aid his progress might alert unknown
forces so he continued on foot. He had little need of the light bestowed by the flashes in the turmoil
above and was grateful that many of the kinfolk sheltered him from the driving rain. Huk ploughed


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