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HP/EXP/MP updated
« on: July 19, 2003, 12:32:28 PM »
For those that were confused before, welcome to my world. Total revamp on the algorithms determining HP and MP. If the following explanation doesn't clear it up a tiny bit then seek psychological attention immediately.

## The formulas for how HP and MP have been significantly changed to represent distinctly different things.
## HP: This is a representation of how much "substance" a user posts. It compares the number of characters they have posted with the number of posts they have made recently. Thus, the longer ((strolen edit: and more useful)) a user's posts are, the more HP they will have. A user who consistently makes very short ((strolen edit: and meaningless)) posts will have a low HP, while a user who consistently posts very large ((strolen edit: informative and useful)) posts will have high HP.

## MP: This is a representation of how often the user has posted recently. It looks at the number of posts made recently. Each post a user has made within that time period costs the user MP. Thus, a user who has posted a large ammount recently will use more MP than someone who has not. ((strolen edit: IE. Pace yourself. Lots of posts in a short amount of time will eat your MP...and maybe you won't be able to post once your MP is gone. I don't know, maybe, I am just saying, ya know, ya never know....))
## As a comparison, HP is a measure of "Quality" where MP is a measure of "Quantity." The better quality your posts are the higher your HP; and the machine gun posters will have low MP.

HP is replenished by quality posts.

MP is replenished by time between quality posts and there are also bonuses for length of time registered on the board.

Any questions contact.......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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