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Siren no Orakio:
Given history, the Eurasian Alliance just doesn't 'feel right'. I would expect that the Israelis (if a "jewish" state still exists there) would throw in with the Atlantics,  maybe a re-awakened aggression in Germany has snowballed into a bloc with the Scandinavian nations and the "less russian" former Soviets, picked up some of Southern Europe too, while a new Caliphate, possibly Iranian at the core, stretches across the Middle East / North Africa, especially if the oil is gone. India, meanwhile, may decide that it's Commonwealth of Nations heritage is less deplorable than working with a particularly aggressive China - Historically, there's always been relatively good blood across the former British Empire, and that alliance may have a chance to blossom once more in the future, if circumstances favor it.

The Eurasian Alliance does have an ad hoc feel to it, one of the core things that holds the Alliance together is arcanotechnology. Arcanotech came very heavily from archaic mythos related writings, most of which came from the middle east, and after the Resource Wars, most of these and other such relics were in the hands of the Neo-Soviets and the Alliance. The Soviets didn't get much from the writings, while the Alliance created arcanotech, developed things like true AI (versus the Atlantic Federation's Limited AI, or Synthetic Intelligence) and the Dimensional Engine, (again versus the Federation's arc fusion reactor).

I guess that the Middle East would be part of the Alliance, the parts that aren't rubble and glassed desert.

I've done some more writing and consideration.

The Eurasian Alliance and the resurgent Soviet Empire are now one and the same. The Eurasian Alliance has forged itself from the old Soviet Republics as well as gobbling up parts of Eastern and southern Europe. The Reds basically control the Mediterranean, a major problem for the Atlantic Federation considering the Eurasian head start on next gen submarines.

The Middle East and North Africa have not faired well. With the demise of petrodollars their economies have fallen back to colonial times, bringing a sudden end to silver mercedes benzes and gold toilets. Most is considered Tribal Land, and while there are bases around the area, they are strategic values at key waterways and canals. Once the oil was gone, no one gives two s**ts about Saudi Arabia or the rest of the current Middle East nations. A few survive as city states, such as Dubai, the UAE, and the others who started big buildings, and run banking services. This is a sort of back door/black market area where few questions are asked and the guards shoot first and then go on break. Israel remains, but it is a regularly besieged enclave, facing both Arab and muslim warlords, but the general banditry that now plagues the area. Iran remains as the main power but it is a buffer state and meeting hall for the Eurasian Alliance and the ACPS.

So the biggest change up is the division of Europe.

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and assorted islands are the domain of the Kingdoms of Scandinavia.

The UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Benelux nations, Switzerland, and Poland are Atlantic Federation satellites.

Spain, Italy, the Balkans, Greece, turkey, etc are Eurasian Alliance along with the rest of the old Warsaw Pact nations sans Poland.

India has a special place, it is a neutral country, large and robust, having won and absorbed Pakistan and the parts of Afghanistan it wanted. It lost some ground to the ACPS, but it's brief war with China ended in a peace treaty between the powers before the war went nuclear. India has friendly relations with the Pacific Rim Coalition, some parts of the ACPS, the SAUR, and is largely indifferent to the Atlantic Federation. It's populace is mostly worried with its economy,banditry on the western frontier, and the possibility of renewed aggression from China.


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