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There are Four Major power blocs

The Atlantic Federation: Eastern US, Eastern Canada, Mexico, some of the Caribbean, the UK, France, Germany, and parts of Africa (Nigeria, Congo)

The Eurasian Alliance: Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and near East, North Africa, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, etc

The Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (ACPS) - China, SE Asia, Mongolia, India, parts of Indonesia, Korea

The Reunited Socialist Soviet Republics - Russia, former soviet republics (Ukraine, Belarus, the various 'istan nations)

There are several smaller power blocs

The United States of South America (USSA) also known as the Amazon League or Amazonia

The Kingdoms of Scandinavia - Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland

The South African United Republics (SAUR) South Africa, Zaire, up through Kenya excluding the AtFed footholds and the North African region

The Pacific Rim Confederation - Japan, Australia, Micronesia, California, Alaska, etc

Finally there are a collection of states that have fallen through and are considered the new third world, such as Somaliland, large parts of the Middle East are claimed only in a strategic sense and are now largely vacant following the death of the PetroDollar.

The Atlantic Federation maintains an extensive network of space stations, habitats, and colonies on the Moon and Mars. The Eurasian Alliance, PacRim Confederation, and the ACPS also maintain space operations. The Neo-Soviet Empire is building up it's space capacity, but it's attention is mostly focused on rebuilding it's infrastructure after the Second Great Patriotic War for consolidation.

Thoughts? Have I overlooked someone, or left something out, or have I put some things together that dont beling together?

Central North America - or is that toast?

The Midwest is Atlantic Federation, pretty much everything east of the Rockies is, but it's considered the hinterlands. The border there between it the Pacific Rim Confederation is a largely undefended border, since the two powers are amiable towards each other. Utah, Colorado and the other rocky mountain states are PacRim. The Texas and states closest to it are Atlantic Federation.

I also didn't see Vietnam in there anywhere. Was it just rolled into the Asian set?

SE Asia, so pretty much everything that dangles under China, (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, etc) is ACPS


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