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Renaissance of Darkness: Vixenburg Chronicle

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The beast crashed  through the hot food counter, sending foil wrapped burgers and chimichangas across the store. The last of the few patrons were out of the building. The building shook with the fury of the fight inside. Outside of the gas station, several people had stopped running and were instead sitting, holding the knees to their chests,rocking back and forth. Others drove away in their cars, spewing gravel from the back tires as they fled. A small number sat numbly, their minds unable to deal with the horror inside. The delirium left them in a haze, they could not fit the werewolf into their world views. They could not comprehend the appearance of the massive weretiger, and nothing could prepare them for the horror of a greater fomori. The cheerleader was starting to sob incoherently.

Inside the two warriors of Gaia fought with the beast. It crashed into the oil fryers, splattering all of the warriors with hot oil. More oil splattered on the hot grill and burst into flames. Ian felt the blast of heat that turned most of his back pelt into carbonized ash. The fomori shuddered, the inside of it's maw was blistered and bloody. The beast clawed at the tiger on it's back.

(fomori misses a grab attack against Aleks, it is now also injured. Ian's injuries are cosmetic)

With a yelp born of pain and surprise, Ian breaks off his attack momentarily to snap at everything in his immediate vicinity, both friend and foe.  It's the smell, ironically, that keeps him from losing it.  Though the weretiger doesn't smell like family or packmate, he still smells enough like Gaia to keep Ian from turning on him. 

The rubber beast, however, STINKS.

Allowing the stench to guide him, Ian shakes his head and continues the attack, ripping at the creature's unprotected back while its ttention is on the weretiger.

The girl was safe, for now, so long as the werebeasts within lived.  Terence went back to the window and watched the melee, and held up his phone to 'record'. 

It was, in fact recording, though this was secondary.  In addition it was focusing Terence's Art.  One of Time's great allies in the weathering of the world is the flow of water.  And as an agent of Entrophy, Terance attempted to latch onto the flow of the Thing's blood - to draw it out at arterial volumes through the rents made by the were-beasts. 

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The Fomori bellowed and once again tried to shake the tiger off of it's back. Aleks is able to hang on, though Ian has a bit a trouble keeping his feet with the torrents of blood that start gushing from the rents in the beast's hide. Even the blisters and wounds in it's mouth were running with blood. Aleks could feel the strength of the beast starting to fail.


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