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I claim innocence as I did no modifications to the site recently. Which is a problem all by itself. Something happened, obviously, and it took down the forum which, in turn, took down the site. I spent some time trying to figure it out but since there was no rhyme or reason to it the search was fruitless.

So decided to take the opportunity to start completely fresh with the forum. There were a lot of tweaks and modifications that were installed and abandoned and most likely a lot of garbage code floating around. Since I am home most of this week, it is a good opportunity for me to clean it all up and start shiny.

I know it might get old with me always messing with stuff so I apologize. Will be updating the theme as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks for your patience!! 

Do you reference any external CSS? That would be my first thought.

Regardless, I like the new style just a bit more than the old style. It's clean, it's got nice contrasts, and most of all, it's fresh!

It was some php that went awry. Issues including files and other odd errors that didn't make much sense. Almost like some files got corrupted or permissions were changed....but reuploading and confirming permissions didn't do anything. Just weird and I would spend more time chasing my tail than just starting from scratch.

Plus, I like fresh too! :) This theme isn't too bad and the header fit our style and was easy to modify so was an simple choice.


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