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Quest Voting: RPT Magic Items

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I have two issues with the two equal votes.

From a purely selfish perspective, you vote against yourself twice. This is just me, and something I can ignore because I know it's me just being competitive.

Secondly, there can be a submission that everyone likes, and pretty much agrees that it is the red ribbon winner, but they liked another submission better. After three people vote, the one they liked as a second place has 3 votes, and three submissions have 1 vote each. Enough people use their second vote on the same sub and then it wins, rather than the sub that got a few less first round votes

@Scras: The Borda Count method proposed by Dossta handles that second issue rather cleanly.

One vote each is boring and sometimes we only get 6-7 voters. With two votes, even if you "favorite" doesn't get first, it will still be one of the favorites of the site that the most people liked. I don't think any value for the winner is lost at all. It is simply a popularity contest for those subs that the most people like the most.

Look at it this way. If 4 people all like different submissions as their top favorite #1 but then all like a second place "not the greatest" post as a good second choice, then I would rather give the 1st place award "second place" vote the win because it appealed to the most people.

So, in my mind, you can argue that "first place" may not win "first place" but when a single submission gets the most "likes" than any other, then it has the best cross taste appeal and therefore the best quest sub whether or not it is your favorite. At least that is something of my reasoning.

(PS, I also have enough bugs and features I need to fix/implement without an entire new voting systems too. ;) We need to work inside the confines of what the system comes with in this case. )


Chaosmark sponsored prizes for this quest!!

First Place: Your choice of a Gem Dice set from -

Second Place: Your choice of an Opaque Dice set from -

See this post and view the videos to understand their awesomeness!!,424.msg71233.html#msg71233

Thanks Chaos!!!

Very last call.  I will close this on Monday the 16th and wrap it up!

Congrats to our 2 winners. Go select the coloring you want and PM me that and your mailing address so I can send you your prize!


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