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Went with 4.25 and higher on this one to get a good set.

Gideon's Mercy by dark_dragon
Moradin's Piece by Scrasamax
The Ring of Seven Stones by Dossta
The Shimmering Veil by Wulfhere
The Ship of Seven Shores by Dossta
The Skald of Seven Shapes by Dossta
The Spinneret Stylus by Wulfhere

I know two votes per person is not a favorite of some, but I LIKE having the ability to vote two as my favorites. Sometimes it is not all about the winning, it is about giving some recognition to some great subs. One vote ties your hands a little bit to while having a second allows you to give some love to another favorite which might not be the obvious winner.

So use your votes to show your fellow authors the appreciation they deserve!

To win, you have to vote.
You can't vote on your own subs.

Poll is up there for 30 days but if we stagnate and there is a clear winner I will shut it down early.

Will sponsor a

Voted, used both votes.

Can we make a half vote? I Like this submission the most, check full vote, and this submission was pretty good too, but i like the other better, half vote.

Tell us what is .5 and we will autofigure it?

Its computer whatzits, if it had bolts or screws I might have an answer.

I dont know mate

I agree with Scras that having a way to rank the two votes in order of preference would be nice, and there are already several established ways to implement preferential voting.  I envision a column with the number of votes you want us to have, something like this:

Then the results can be tabulated with something like a Borda count method, giving relative weights to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on choices.  Personally, I don't think we should go beyond 2-3 votes per quest (regardless of the number of finalists), but this can be expanded as much as you like.


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