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Barkeep. Let's hit it!

Is it possible? Could it be? Bard?

Yep. Give me your bards. Shouldn't be too difficult. In a lore keeper sense, they ren't too far off from what we do here, are they?

Gladiator! Or Gladiatrix(!) if you prefer. I want hardened warriors, dedicated to entertaining the masses through the spectacle of mortal combat. Or places where they do it. Or people who train them. Or plots centered around them. Or planets which are secretly places used to breed hardy warriors for the entertainment of great space-faring races. Anything, really.

There's already a "30 Gladiators" sub somewhere ( I think it's hidden atm ),  so here's a list of 30 More Gladiators for your amusement.

Okay, I've missed a few Fridays. Let's try to get back on track.

Death. I'm not sure what this one is all about, but I'm sure people can have some good ideas.


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