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Nominally, each freetext lasts for one week, Friday to Friday. Practically, they sometimes go an extra day. Actually, I'll comment even if you miss it by a week or so, as long as I notice it.

Sounds fair enough to me. Just wish I had more time to make it look nicer. I just don't want it cluttered with HTML each time I edit it. (I'm forced to write it all on Strolen's, piece by piece)

Remember, one great rock show can change the world. That's why, this week, the freetext is going to be Musician.

Be excellent to each other. And. Party on, dudes!

Let's try a license for our next freetext: Doctor Who. Anything that would seem appropriate to such or which is based on such.

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!

Horse is our new freetext. Whether Silver, horse-person, cavalryman, or horse-shaped mech, your horse-based submissions are welcome.


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