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Let's go revisit a classic freetext: princess.


--- Quote ---Let's go revisit a classic freetext: princess
--- End quote ---

CHECKA!!!! Princess----30-----Fish Theme this time----Go, go, goooooo!!!

Oooh. Totally forgot it was Friday yesterday. But here's a new one:

Colony. Space colonies. British colonies. Roman colonies. Dwarven colonies. Ant colonies. Suffice to say that there are a lot of different kinds of colony. You could even go for colony ships, colonists, or mysteriously vanished colonies. I think that this is a freetext which has some definite merit to it, so let's see something good.

Much like wizards, a freetext is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when I remember it.

That said, let's celebrate the recent movie release of the Hobbit and indulge our softer, more decadent sides with the hobbits freetext this week.

Like (highly irregular) Clockwork, it's Freetext Friday again.

Clockwork is kind of like steampunk - you can do a lot of stuff with it. Let's see what people come up with.


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