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Alright, so, a few years ago, Wulfhere started a Freetext Fiesta thread with the general idea of spreading the love to poor, maltreated freetexts on a weekly basis. I think that this inspired some of my better submissions, so I'm going to semi-resurrect the idea. I call my version Freetext Friday.

My intent is to declare a freetext in this thread each Friday in the hope of inspiring some submissions for it. If you put up a submission with the appropriate freetext between the declaring Friday and the subsequent Friday, then (as long as I notice it) I promise to comment on the sub. You can mention it here to draw my attention to it if you like. It doesn't have to be a finished post - you can put it in Advice Requested if you like (though then I would really recommend mentioning it here!). I'll still comment on it.

I am going to institute one rule, though. I call it the Last Minute Desperation Rule. Specifically, it works like this: Imagine that you are running a game, and at the last possible minute, you realize that you've forgotten something. You didn't describe the magic sword, or the villain, or the mayor, or whatever. If you were to click on a freetext named after what you need, the posts that pop up should be helpful to you.

In other words, if the freetext were Sword, a magic sword would be fine. A non-magic sword would also be fine. A guy who makes swords would be fine. A guy who fights with swords is pushing it. A guy whose background is tangentially related to swords is no good. I don't want to stifle creativity with this, but I don't want to fill up freetexts with things that are only barely related and therefore make the freetexts less useful.

Anyways, for this first freetext, I wanted to find something that could be combined with the current Quest. So, in looking over the list of freetexts, I settled upon Hammer. Go for it!

I thoroughly approve of this idea, and thus present Gateshatter for your consumption.

I like this

Great idea!

Thanks to those who participated, and I guess it's Friday again. Looking through the freetext list, I was appalled to find that one of the most important elements of fantasy has only ONE entry!

How can you have Arthur without Camelot, or Harry Potter without Hogwarts, or Dracula without, uh, Dracula's Castle? You can't! Well, you can, but it's boring. That's why today's freetext is castle. It can be a Den of Evil, a Fortress of Solitude, a Keep on the Borderlands, or any other kind of castle. Good luck!


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