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A gentle Hola-Shout into the Citadel


Hi there,

I just stumbled over this website/community and I have to admit I'm captivated. So much creativity. I found myself just
reading all the items, plots and so on you crazy creative guys pulled out of your mind! A big respect! It is great!  :up:
I'm a gamedeveloper (lvl 3-4 a bit but not too much XP :D) and am participating in a game-programming-competion!
No real topic. Do what you want! And I thought:"Hey, do that what everyone would say, your crazy, you fool!! Let's
do an rpg or at least kind of." Searching for some input about story and such I came here. Actually this is a great resource.
Before, anyone thinks hey cool a game, I have to admit, I'm one of this "I start often, but finish almost never"-guy.
But I'm full of hope. My last little game was a 3d sports game for android-phones. Don't want to abuse this for advertisment
(feel free to ask me about)
So I just wanted to say hi, and I think I will also try to find a cool Magic Item.  :what:

Wish you all the best,

Glad you found our little corner of the web!! Looking forward to seeing you lurking around the Citadel!

Quoth the Penguin, Yo

Hey there. Come in, look around, discuss your ideas in the boards...  :up:

Welcome to the Citadel! Beware the llamas. And especially Mathom, though apparently you're familiar with his influence.


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