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Scras's Renaissance of Darkness

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Things have finally calmed down here in east TN. Holidays are done, the horse show is done, and there is that persistent itch again: to play

If any of you guys are still interested in playing, I have a renewed enthusiasm to bring this game back online

Count me in -- I've been itching to get back in the action for weeks now.

Btw, is currently having a sale on the Werewolf rulebooks.  They're all about 1/2 off right now.

That's a good deal (I have the books in hardcopy)

I will get the ball rolling in the AM

Our beastie is a tank, lots of health levels. Guns can slow it down, but something like a pistol is going to take a called shot against something like an eye or the head. It is going to take melee damage from teeth and claws to take it out.

Attacks need to be declared, so the weretiger is currently riding rodeo on the back of the hell beast.

Our mage can probably work some entropic magic to boost the damage of bullets (hitting the target is the inescapable fate of the bullet, just like death is the inescapable fate of all living things)


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