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I feel I should preface this with two facts.

1. I have had a s**tty s**tty day, and am currently on my second bourbon.

2. looking back at the OOC thread, I've started a lot of games and not finished them. I am not pleased with this. As such, many of those games were spur of the moment creative outbursts. I have been considering on this for a while and I have been messing around with the Old World of Darkness. I want to run a game for more than just my wife.

I have sent a number of personal messages to people who have gamed with me in the past, and are still somewhat present on the site. Once I get a few notifications of either sure, maybe, or I'm washing my hair I will post more details.

on the table:
Vampires: Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, and Ventrue
also related: ghouls.

Garou - hunters and killers of Gaia
Nuwisha and Kitsune - tricksters and teachers
Gurahl - keepers of the land
Bastet - seekers and keepers of secrets
Corax - messengers
Ratkin - waste disposal, population controllers
Mokole - Gaia's memory, chosen of Sun
Ananasi - architects and planners, spies and assassins
Nagah - Healers
Rokea - stewards of the seas

Shapeshifters or shifters - lesser shapeshifter that can only assume human or animal form, no between or hybrid forms. Also isolated from the Umbra. Can assume multiple animal forms, but to do so they must have either spent a great deal of time around said animal, or killed one and ritually consumed its spirit.

Wraith - Risen corpses, or possessed human victims.

Changeling - i dont know. Open for discussion, but more Raksha from Exalted than Changeling the Dreaming

Mage - lots and lots of words. open to discussion.

Pariah pokes the thread

Is this going to be going anywhere?  The used book store up the street a ways actually has some old WoD books laying around for cheap.

I managed to score a free copy of Werewolf: The Apocalypse for Halloween at DriveThruRPG, so I've got the rules for the Garou at least.

This thread is totally legit, thus far most everything has been handled through PMs

What sort of books they got???

So. How many guys do we have on board? So far, I like what I see ^_^


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