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Quote from newsletter and the official competition description.
Magic Items Contest Announcement

 It's time for another reader contest!

 Gator Games is sponsoring the contest and you can win some great books from them.

 = How To Enter =

 Follow the 3 Minute Magic Item template described below to create a magic item.

 Email me your magic item creation:

 Multiple entries are welcome!

 Format: plain text, Word, RTF or just in the body of your email are all ok.

 = Prizes Up For Grabs =

 Care of Gator Games (available to North Americans only due to shipping restrictions):

 * Wraith Recon Core Rulebook for use with D&D 4th Edition
 * Dungeon Master's Guide 2 for D&D 4th Edition
 * Monster Manual 2 for D&D 4th Edition
 * The Adamantine Arrow for Mage the Awakening
 * Player's Guide for Aces and Eights
 * Fantasy Craft Core Rulebook from Crafty Games

 And these prizes are available to anyone in the world:

 PDFs from Open Design and Kobold Quarterly

 Copies of AstroSynthesis 3.0 from NBOS

 = How to Win =

 There will be three sets of prize draws:

    Nov 7, Nov 21 and Dec 5

 All entries submitted before each date will be eligible for each draw. So enter early and often.

 If you're creating magical rewards for your campaign, why not enter them into the contest at the same time?

 Note that winners are drawn at random, so don't worry about the quality of your writing - I'll help edit.

 As always, entries will be given back to the community after the contest, so you'll be helping your fellow GMs too.

 If you have any questions, drop me a note.

 To summarize, here's the stat block template to use for your entries:

 * Awesome Name
 * Appearance
 * Benefit
 * Drawback
 * Lore
 * Twist

 Read on to learn more about what each stat block item is about.

 Thanks to Gator Games for their sponsorship!

For the quest submission describing the stat template:

Or visit Johnn's site here:

Here is the quest page:

So far: 3 days into the Quest, 5 submissions submitted. Off to a good start! Best of luck everyone! Keep them coming, guys, and if you haven't looked into Johnn's Tutorial yet I suggest you do. It's a good read and very simple and quick way to create a magic item (I'm a bit skeptical about being able to accomplish all of this in 3 minutes though, it's been more like 20 - 30 minutes for me, but I like to let ideas stew a bit).

Cheka Man:
7 now. :)


--- Quote from: Pieh on October 30, 2011, 08:43:37 PM ---I'm a bit skeptical about being able to accomplish all of this in 3 minutes
--- End quote ---
Please do let me know if your times get faster (or longer  :shock:). I've been asking folks over at RPT how long it took to create their contest entries, and answers have ranged from 3 minutes to 30.

The 3 minute ones, I've noticed, fall closer to how I use it - point form, pure ideas, no sentences or extra frills.

But, as always, work the way that suits your campaign needs and GM style best. For example, you could give portions of a detailed write-up to players as a handout, but that would not work if you go ultra-brief. You'd need extra time to unpack your brevity.

I'm looking at the captcha I've been given to submit this post. It scares me. If you don't read this post, you'll know I've failed at Knowledge (Captcha).


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