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The Citadel is very very sleepy, we need something to jazz it up.

QUEST!!!! And instead of going back to the list we've been recycling, lets start an entirely new list.

Call a Rabbit a Smerp
Cartoon Characters made Game Characters
Film Noir
30 Somethings

Cheka Man:
Something with the 30s sounds good.

Film Noir or Vampires for me, please. Also, possibly: to go with the Halloween theme: Dark Fae.

I like the Dark Fae idea

I think I could probably scare something up for a Halloween quest. Bring me your Lanterns of Jak, your masquerading mortals, the true Ghouls and Ghosts, and bags of sweet, sweet candy.

I also like "Call a rabbit a Smerp" -  That sounds like a lot of fun.


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