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War of the Three Heirs
« on: November 30, 2011, 12:03:25 AM »
After 4 decades of rule, Emperor Shang the Wise, Slayer of Pirates, Guardian of the Realm etc etc died in his sleep, leaving no clear heir.  One would think that finding an heir would be easy, seeing as the Blessed Emperor slept with just about anything that moved, having upwards of 20 progeny that lived to adulthood, the problem was that only two of them were legitimate, his unmarried daughter of 17 years and a 6 year old son.  Both of his trueborn children claimed the throne, as did the late emperor's brother, the High Marshal of the Armies; the country descended into war.

As the fighting between the three claimants spiraled rapidly out of control, numerous warlords claimed dominion over their realms and old enemies began picking at the edges of the Empire.  The armies of the belligerents, far from caring about collateral damage, rape and pillage their way across the countryside, oftentimes not even caring if they're currently traveling through friendly territory.  Men fight in the war that weren't even alive at the beginning of the conflict.

And now, in this bloodshed that seems to have gone on for lifetimes, princes turn to bargains with fell beings, stillborn deities, grim tomes, ancient rites, and forgotten gods; all for a chance at victory.  The more destructive forms of magic, long regulated in the Empire and rarely used on its borders have seen more use in this war than any time since the War of the Gods in legend.

**Years are normally given as XXth Year of Emperor Soandso, starting in the fourth year of the war, scholars at the Imperial Library in Haradas began providing names for all the years, with the name for the year beginning decided on the last day of the year.**

Year of the Three Heirs (01)
(Every assumes that the war of succession will be over quickly, nobles throw in behind whichever claimant they feel most likely to reward them properly)
Year of Blood (02)
(7 different cities sacked and put to the sword, the Young Prince's realm splinters into 3 different kingdoms)
Year of the Beggar Prince (03)
(The Young Prince allies himself with his sister to wipe out the High Marshal)
Year of the Vulture (04)
(High Marshal falls, Prince and Princess return to fighting each other, Princess marries Pirate Lord Aladuin Tomsk, gains control over most of western seaboard.)
Year of Fire (05)
(The gentleman's agreement to avoid using military grade magic is broken)
Year of the Seventeen Kings (06)
(Peasant uprisings lead to 17 new kings being proclaimed)
Year of the Skull (07)
(Plague sweeps the region)
Year of  (08)

Year of Furtive Shadows (09)
(Only three open battles during the year, numerous assassination attempts, to include one kingdom that had no less than 8 different kings during the year.)
Year of the Young Prince (10)
(Young Prince comes of age and fights off coup staged by his regent and advisors, kingdom splits)
Year of Sorrow (11)
(Imperial Library looted and burnt to the ground for the first time during a peasant revolt)
Second Year of Fire (12)

Year of the Eternal Night (13)
(Near year's end someone summons godling living in volcano, causing massive eruption wiping out an entire army.  The dust blocks out the sun for 5 days.)
Year of the Long Winter / Year of the Rat (14)
(The winter lasts well into the summer months, famine strikes the entire region, by years end people are reduced to eating rats {tales of entire villages surviving off of "long pork"})
Year of  (15)

Year of  (16)

Year of  (17)

Year of  (18)

Year of Bitterness (19)
(Second burning of the Library during the conquest of Haradas by the Young Prince.  Imperial Scholars, fed up, move into a fortress in the Eastern Mountains)

Year of  (20)

Third Year of Fire (21)
(Princess's Firstborn is killed leading a failed offensive against the Isle of Raltar, island is later razed from sea allowing her navy full control over the bay.)
Year of  (22)

Year of  (23)

Year of  (24)

Year of  (25)

Year of  (26)
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