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Llamapocolypse - 11/11/11 - Have a Party!!

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2 free T-Shirts for anybody who throws a shindig. Loosened requirements to the weekend of 11/11/11.

Need sizes with the response. Send me a PM or reply to this thread!!


Link to the T-Shirt.

I would absolutely love to throw a Llamapocalyspe party. I'm just not sure how many people I could get to show up. I suppose I could throw it upon the Facebook and see what happens. At the least, you'll receive a picture of Pieh in front of a Llamacolypse banner, with two Llamacolypse shirts. But I imagine I'll be able to pull a few more than that, depending on how I spin it. Would be looking at 11/12/11 as the best date, which is even better to celebrate our survival. Shoot me a PM, and I'll make it so.


I knew the cake was a lie and that is why I love Pieh.

Me and the fishmen are gonna rock it like the stars are right! I've been stewing on ideas for a survival-horror/humor Llamacolyspe game. I'm still brainstorming, but I think I can pull off a fast and dirty system with some interesting pregen characters. I'll start a thread for it once I have a good chunk of written material. Llama be with you all.


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