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Llamapocolypse - 11/11/11 - Have a Party!!

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For those that don't know about the Llama Revolution, let me enlighten you.


See, that wasn't too bad.

Unless you are a worshipper of Mathom (which I am actually) you will know that the end of the world as we know it will happen on 11/11/11 at 11:11, the Llamacopolypse.  Since this is the end of times we are going to celebrate it with a bang.

For a small history of the Llamacopolypse you can check out this thread.

Additionally, while I am at it, if you aren't part of the Llama Society yet, this is a good time to join. It might save your life.

So, now, the meat of what this is going towards.

The Brotherhood of the Llama is sponsoring banners for those that are willing to host a party on 11/11/11 and take some pictures of folks in front of the sign. That is all there is to it. You pledge that you will host a Llama party of partydom on 11/11 and the signage is yours. It will also be customized to your location so, if you have something you want on it, let us know and we will make it so!!

(Below is not the final version. Will update thread with changes. It will be 4' x 2' )

Additionally, we will be making T-Shirts for $10 each. Patterns will be based on above but design is still in work.

Anybody interested in hosting a Llamapocolypse End of the World Party?

Ancient Gamer:
I want a tee shirt!

For sure!!

I want one too! Madness, this is Llama!!!

Don't read too much into "party" either. Read it as BBQ, dinner, hang out, RP session. As long as there are 3+ people I would consider it a party.

I know you all live in some cool places and it would be cool points for the Llamas if you would host a Friday night get together and get a few pictures with the banner.

Don't be shy, this is low maintenance! Most of you have friends, call them!! ;)


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