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Mini Campaign (4 evenings) for Fall of 2011


Ancient Gamer:
Brainstorming thread for my upcoming mini campaign. Do not expect much more than random words here. I will use this as my "accessible from anywhere mind dump"

- One PC needs to be a knight, Ser <player name> of Crywdewaith, the first son and heir of the Baron of Crywdewaith.
- The rest of the PCs are the sons and daughters of the advisors of the Baron of Crywdewaith
- Lady Alandra of Crywdewaith, the Ser's younger sister, left with an entourage of four knights, six men-at-arms and two servant maids to the City of Ûr-Kanesh, to visit Delandra Crywdewaith, her aunt (the Baron's sister). This happened a fortnight ago.
- The Ûr-Kanesh City Council has lately been deadlocked in the debate surrounding the taxation demands that come from the Assaide Caliphate to the South. The City Council has debated whether to comply, to deny (and risk war), or to seek an alliance with the Silmarians to the North (by some considered an even greater evil)
- Scouts reports that the Blythren (nomadic warrior cults) have been seen in ever greater numbers on the plains to the north
- An Ethenorden Caravan appeared from the morning mists a week ago, and are now encamped outside Craige Crywdewaith (The Baron's Castle)

Ancient Gamer:
Continuing with the setting background (chrome) as the plotline begins (not on the actual plotline yet, only building the layers of the onion):
- The Ffordey Forest has once again become an ill boding place as mysterious raiders strike the surrounding villages at whim, leaving everyone dead. City watch patrols that have entered the forest are never heard from again, and some speculate that the elves of old have returned, and once more stalk the age old woods. Scouts have seen Caliphate reavers enter the forest, which borders with the desert to the south. None know what these ominous emissaries of the sands do inside the Ffordey.
- As political tension rises, Strangler Cultists (sinewy assassins that strangle their victims while under the influence of a psychosis inducing narcotic) see ever more assignments. Nobles and wealthy merchants alike have been found dead in their beds, eyes staring blindly and mouth gaping.
- The Monks of Seywarde have declared a state of emergency as four of their holy ceramic tablets have been stolen in a daring raid, leaving more than 30 warrior monks dead and nearly forty lesser tablets crushed. Archoy Maldar, the portly head monk of Seywarde, is demanding an audience with the City Council and is sitting before the council mansion, refusing  to eat or move until they accept him within their halls. Bemused politicians have thus far refused him, stating that they have more pressing matters than pottery on their agenda, but the increasing number of followers (now more than fifteen) accompanying the bald patriarch does unsettle them somewhat.

Ancient Gamer:
- Baron Crywdewaith himself has called his vassals to a grand council three weeks from now. He has also raised the taxes, demanding a full silver per farmstead each month, or the drafted service of the oldest son for a full year. Old Crywdewaith has told his heir that war is brewing, "I can feel it in my bones". He also told his heir that "I have something special in store for you, just you wait and see".
- For three weeks now, ravens and crows have circled the "Three Hags", three shrub and boulder covered hills to the south of Craige Crywdewaith. The old people of the castle and village make protective signs against evil and have hung warding talismans outside their doors and windows.

Ancient Gamer:
Expected Plotline, to be changed by PC actions and random events

Evening 1: "A Dire Emergency"
Evening 2: "Revelations"
Evening 3: "The End of All Things"
Evening 4: "By the Tip of the Sword"


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