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Greetings everyone


I found this forum early this week while I was browsing the Web for trap ideas for my Pathfinder game, and I've been enjoying browsing many creative and artistic ideas and thoughts. I've already spawned many ideas from your submissions, and I hope I can contribute something useful in return.

I have been GMing off and on for about 4 years. I have played (in descending order of time spent) SpyCraft*, Pathfinder*, D&D 3.5*, Transformers: Beast Wars (White Wolf), Warhammer: Rogue Trader, ShadowRun, Mouse Guard, Little Fears, Scion, D&D 4.0
I have been the GM for this game

I really look forward to participating and exchanging thoughts.

Welcome to the Citadel!  May your stay be both long and fruitful.

Welcome! I look forward to reading your contributions.

Ya hey der!

Welcome, have some baklava :D


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