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Respite Reboot


Hello Folks:

I am considering rebooting the Respite game in the fall.  Will advance the timeline significantly and bring the story back to the city itself. 

I will likely surrender more of the storyline to the PCs - perhaps even putting each player in charge of a 'faction' with a number of characters and resources available for them to use.  It will of course take some time to properly organize this so I am asking for interest at this point.

I would see my role here largely to handle everything outside of the player's control, and to adjudicate where in-game conflicts arise. 

Any of the prior players are welcome to return - and the level of interest will determine if there is room for new players - and of course its restart for that matter. Old players do not necessarily need to use their old characters.

Please PM me your ideas - I'll be mulling over what factions have survived or arisen since the original game.

I'm game.
If we go for the whole "faction" thing, I would choose a more... cerebral... character than Gideon.


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