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Cowboys and Aliens


I know there are some who find the idea laughable. But I like westerns and sci-fi. I went and watched the movie Sunday with my folks and enjoyed it. I know some will say that for a movie with such a silly concept took itself way too seriously, I found it entertaining. It was rushed in a few places, and there were several plot holes, but I liked it.

It was a good Western, and an interesting sci-fi flick.  :up:

I see the potential for some Cowboy and Alien RPGs.

All you need is a Saloon girl, a horse, your ray gun, and a 10-gallon hat. Ye-haw.

It is another great comic book to movie adaption that nobody realizes is a comic book to movie adaption (like 300). 

It should be pretty good given the comic.

I like to watch Sci-fi movies. Cowboys & Aliens is  American science fiction Western film and it interesting movie.   Daniel Craig's performance is good in this movie.I watch this movie in theater with friends.My friends like this movie.

I have yet to see it...but I do own quite a few shares of PDOS, the penny stock that owns the comic book rights. :) Hope they make more movies. :)


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