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Captain America Movie

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I watched it. I loved it. I wanna buy war bonds. 

In my opinion, best superhero movie since Spiderman I (the original).  (and that puts Iron Man I in 3rd). 

Only downside?  Don't bother to watch it in 3D. Except for one cool shield throwing scene, the best 3D work was the end credits. 

So what are your thoughts, feelings, or rants on the subject?

Just had a discussion about it. I haven't seen it but the person I worked for said about the same as you. Absolutely Awesome.

Not sure I can wait till our simple little single-serving base theater gets it. We are just getting Harry Potter (hallows pt2) on Sunday for the first time.

I'll wait for it to hit the RedBox or HBO, I dont really get into the superhero thing. Might be alone on this one.

Watched Pirates 4 in 3D, its just a gimmick and I don't get why people are going nutty over buying 3D TVs and spending costx2 to see a movie wearing bad sunglasses

I have to agree with you about the 3D.  Unless the movie was made for it (specifically) like Avatar, really the presence of 3D is just another way for theatres to suck money out of us. 

We are going to take the boys to see the movie tommorow.  We are having a little lesson in WWII history tonight, so they will have a clue about what is going on.  They are in 4th and 5th grade and don't really know that WWII existed.  I remember a little bit about it in school.  I guess I learned more about it from Hogan's Heroes, all those WWII movies on saturday afternoon, and more WWII references in TV and Movies.

The movie is great.  Make you want to go buy warbonds.  That aside, it does have a great mix of action and character development.  My personal favorite is the two bits in the training camp.  The pole and the ride and the grenade.  They show you what the man really is all about.

"Captain America: The First Avenger" is a 2011 American superhero movie.It is interesting movie.I watched this movie with friend in theater.My also friends liked this movie.Chris Evans favorite actor.His action is superb in this movie.


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