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LA by Nite is my ongoing vampire game I run with my wife. We play frequently, and have created a rogues gallery of characters, and in typical series fashion, there have been reboots of the game, rewritten characters, and the like. Good guys have gone bad, bad guys have gone good, and characters have been killed, put into comas, and so on.

The basic concept is:
Vampire the Masquerade + The Fast and the Furious = Street Racing Vampires.

I'm opening this thread as a place to keep some notes that I know I wont lose, and I don't have to worry about her stumbling across them in a notebook, or by looking in the recent files section of the computer.

The Dragon

There are two colorful underworld characters locked in a struggle to control the underground and criminal scenes of LA and by default, Southern California, the Werewolf and the Street King.

The Werewolf
The Werewolf is a carefully presented image of the Mexican drug lord, living in the fictional city of Presidio, south of Tiajuana. He keeps dogs, a collection of exotic cars, a new woman every week, and lots of goons with guns and connections from Afghani opium smugglers to Columbian cocaine dealers. With all the wolf symbolism, he actually is a werewolf. He core attributes are ruthlessness, honesty, and loyalty.

The Street King
The Street King is dead, or at least the person that everyone was betting on being the King is dead. The real Street King, and current overlord of LAs dark underbelly is a middle aged woman with a receptionists/secretary position. She is a spider, sitting in the web of contacts, coercions, extortions and naked bribes. No ordinary mortal, she is actually a mage of some capability, and uses magic to control people, protect her secret identity, and so forth.

So the Street King and the Werewolf have been at each other to varying degrees over the past few years. The police are largely ineffective as the Street King runs them from the top down (controlling key commissioners and pretty much owning the IA dept. SWAT operates as the King's executioners, often unknowingly). But a third wild card has entered the conflict, the Dragon.

The Dragon is a LAPD cop who knows that the boys in blue have been corrupted by the Street King. How does he know? Because he works for the King himself in one of those arm lock agreements. Disgruntled, he is taking on the Street King vigilante style. To keep from being identified as just harassing the King, he uses his contacts and such to hit things and people belonging to the Werewolf as well.

Things associated with the Dragon: old muscle cars most prominently the 1968 Dodge DynaMax (failed fictional muscle car, short run, ugly body styling, overly complicated transmission prone to failure, and shoddy engines, the Dragon's DynaMax is rebuilt and has none of these problems, aside from being ugly). Dragonsbreath rounds, shotgun assassinations, arson and molotov cocktails. He never nicknamed himself, didnt do the tights and a mask fake identity. He left no witnesses and burned the evidence. A few dragonsbreath shells on a crime scene and bam, he became the Dragon.

The Dragon's Secret

The Dragon has a secret. He isn't alone.

There are currently 3 rebuilt matte black Dodge DynaMaxes sitting in three different locations. He is assisted by a group of similarly minded people.

Officer Rain Ocampo
LAPD, Ocampo has known the Dragon since they were in academy together. They might have had a romantic relationship if their personal chemistry wasn't so volatile. Instead they are good friends, and she keeps one of the DynaMax cars hidden near her home. She is SWAT, and also works for the Street King, and hates it. This is why she has no trouble killing people who gleefully work for the Street King and associated criminals. Unlike the Dragon, who kills out of necessity, Rain kills out of a sense of revenge and satifaction.

Alelle La Cruesset
An attractive woman with model hair and a heavenly figure, La Cruesset is an assassin without peer. She exhibits parapsychic abilites, the most common being telepathy, empathy, and remote viewing. She is not a true Mage in the WoD sense, but has impressive but very limited abilities. An attractive face, she understands the depths of the corruption in LA and the conviction of the Dragon and his other allies.

Luke Curry
Formerly a fighter pilot in the USAF, dishonorably discharged after court martial. Currently an unemployed street racer with a taste for violence and he likes the smell of napalm pretty much any time of the day. He is a scoundrel and works with the Dragon because its fun, and because his brother was killed by the Werewolf over a bad drug deal.

Amanda Morgan
A street racer and performance garage owner, Morgan is a six foot tall brunette Amazon. She drives American exclusively and has been underground since being a teen. She runs guns and drugs, small time. She also loathes the way the Werewolf and the Street King have turned LA into a sandbox fight between the two of them. The only way to be independent of one or the other is to be part of a gang, or really really good. Morgan keeps a DynaMax and also keeps the cars in running shape.

Alden Fry
A resident of Los Vegas, Fry is an investor in casinos. Knowing about the money laundering and criminal enterprises in Vegas and the corruption there, he is a valuable asset to the team. He used to run a small off the strip casino and betting parlor that was destroyed by men in the employ of both the Street King and the Werewolf. He didn't want to launder money for either, so in seperate incidents, they trashed his place. After the last round, with two dead employees, he packed up the gambling and got into racing himself. Now he drives for the Dragon, handles money, and keeps the third DynaMax.

The 'Dragon' works in pairs, but never more than one team working on a given night. The rotation keeps the various members, especially Ocampo and the real Dragon, Grimes, visible. Officer Grimes can't be the Dragon, since he and his partner responded to one of the Dragon's raids on a meth house. (idea stolen from Scream).

Grimes and A. Morgan are the most common team. He's also hitting that on the side, but his wife (the PC) doesn't know. Their main field is arson.

A. Fry and A. la Cruesset are the less violent team, and seldom are involved in outright violence. Being charming, charismatic, attractive, and psychic, they are much more into interrogation, moving things, and working with other people. Their actions are also the least likely to attract attention. They also play decoy most often.

R. Ocampo and L. Curry are the worst side of the Dragon. They do the shotgun assassinations and displays of violence that make common folks cringe.


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