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Hi, Zailtais here!

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1999/98. During that period I've almost constantly been a DM with some moonlighting as a player. I have delved into other systems like Mutants and Masterminds and Teenagers from Outer Space, but mostly it's been straight D&D, from Advanced to 3.5. I've run two complete campaign plot arcs and countless adventures. I'm currently working on about four distinct campaign settings and a gaming system of my own design.

I've registered mostly to console my guilty conscience after skulking about here for the past year or so. Also, because this summer is slow. I will probably post in erratic bursts and comment in the same fashion. Probably when you least expect it!

Hurray, a guilty converter. REPENT and post!!! :)

Glad you joined. Use your votes carelessly, scatter your ideas recklessly and if you take anything personal we will take away your squirrel bacon.

Happy to have you. Lots 'o Years of DMing. I imagine you have a lot of ideas floating in your head that I WANT!!! Give them to me!

I am going to get more caffeine now, seems to be running low.

 Welcome to the Citadel! But the question is: why repent when you can have some devil's food cake instead?

 Go ahead. Have more than one piece.

Well now! Ho ho ho! Don't mind if I do!

To be fair though, I'm more of a Pie man.

A pie man, will do well here at the Citadel!  Oh yes,


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