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seeking clarification on posting protocols


Hello everyone,

Since I'm newish here, I'm not exactly sure how to go about posting things.

Should I post something in the forums first, to get feedback on it, before I post it as a submission, or do I just post it straight to submissions?

Does it all depend on how much confidence I have in the post? In other words, if I think the post is fully fleshed out, make it a sub, and let the comments and votes prove or disprove my opinion, or should I still post it in the forums for polishing?

If I have something that I don't have full confidence in, maybe it's got a strong foundation but needs whistles and bells (chrome, I believe it's called here), do I post that in the forums, or do I make it a stub?

I have a few ideas, some fully formed, some half-baked, and I would like some guidance on where to post them.  I am hoping that the Citadel will help me forge a setting that I can unleash upon my friends when it is my turn to GM. There are lots of ideas that I want to use from other Strolenites, but as I said, I also have some of my own.

Thanks for any help


I suggest if you wish to actively work on a setting, then post it in the forum, there's a Setting Forge if I recall. Strolenites will drop by, offer their $0.02, and you can comfortably work on it until it is ready.

Before I lay out the setting in it's grandness, I would like evaluation and comments upon the elements that make up said setting (okay, what I really want is validation, but don't we all).

I just don't know the best way of getting that (the evaluation and comments, I know that true validation must come from within).

Are the forums the best way, or the subs?  I notice that a sub can have a "in work" tag on it, which makes me think that things don't have to be perfect to post, but other things I've read say only post if it's polished, so I'm a bit confused.

 Hi, Tauric. I think I can answer your question. If you have a particular submission that you believe is complete enough to use, then go ahead and post it for us all to read. Then those who read it can vote and comment on it- give you feedback. If you see something you missed or you want to rethink something then you can always edit the sub later.

 If you have something that isn't quite ready to use then you could post it as a help-wanted submission, or you could ask here on the forums for some input. This works very well if you just need some brainstorming to help you along.

 So, most things will be put straight into a submission first. If you really would like some help then you can always ask for it, of course. Hope that helps.

Yes, that does help. Thank you.


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