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A Fast Exit

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Yulo strode purposefully from the Scorched Haglin. People unconsciously gave him plenty of room, his presence filling the walkway as much as his girth.

"I believe you will find the med bay to be in good order Helia," he said. "It's a new addition, converted from unused crew quarters."

They were nearing the docks when Yulo's comm buzzed.

"Yes," Yulo said. "What is it?"

A pause.

Yulo's eyes narrowed and his pace quickened.

"d**n that man! He's the biggest magnet for trouble I've ever seen. It's a wonder he still breathes.

"No, no. I'm on it. You've only just docked and the Prize is ready to go. I just need to muster my crew and get cleared."

He closed his comm and turned to Helia.

"It looks like we'll be leaving earlier than I expected. I'll message the others and hope they can jump to when it's necessary. A buddy of mine is in some kind of trouble and we're the closest thing to salvation he has."

Broadcast Message

To: The Crew of the Hollen's Prize
from: Yulo Queren
Subject: Important Notice
Importance: High


My sincerest apologies to you all, but I need the entire crew aboard the Prize as soon as possible. A situation has arisen and we must depart within the next 2 hours.

I repeat: you have 2 hours to board before we leave. And keep your weapons at hand. Odds are high that you'll see action before we leave the system.

Level 10, Dock #39.

-- Captain Yulo Queren

"I am not personally opposed to saving individuals in non-medical ways" Helia reassured the captain, and paced up her steps. There was no time to be wasted, especially if she wanted to stash away her luggage safely.

Yulo hurrying beside her, she gave him a curious look. Was the haste feigned, and did he want to leave before something caught up?

Yet, they had the same motive then.

Autumn rolled over at her communicators incessant beeping, un-entangling herself from the scantily clad woman still asleep and entwined around her, growling in annoyance.  Fumbling for the on switch she unleashed a low string of curses as the wrist computer seemed to become a living thing in her paws, skittering out of her grasp and across the floor to rest somewhere underneath the bed.

Straining she reached under and retrieved the device, giving a dim eyed look at the message, before sighing in resignation. So much for a relaxing rest and enjoyable morning, it seemed Yulo's friends needed his aid. On the upside there would be hazard pay at least, and the opportunity to blast something would improve her sour mood.

Rising to her hind paws Autumn quietly dressed and checked to make sure her weapon was fully loaded, taking great care not to wake the sleeping beauty still stretched out on the bed. "It seems I must forego our plans for the morning and depart ahead of schedule," She whispered to the young woman, gently pressing a credit voucher into her hands. "May this keep you and your sister in good standings until my return." With a soft lick on the side of the woman's face Autumn shouldered her bag of tools and quietly departed the stations quarters, heading for the ship at a fast padded run.

Quan whistled as he strode into Dock #39, vac-sealed duffel bag in hand. "She's a beaut," he called aloud, slowly strolling around Hollen's Prize. He nodded as he inspected the details with a trained eye.

Coming around to the side of the starboard drives, he dropped the bag carelessly and slowly reached up toward the vessel. The V'rak placed his hands slowly and firmly to the hull, eyes closing behind his strapped flight goggles. He breathed deeply, stretching his fingers against the coolness of the metal. After a few moments he exhaled with a smile. "Oh, baby," he murmured, gently removing his palms and putting them at his waist. "We are gonna have some fine times, you and me."

After a slow nod to the Prize, he picked up his bag and headed around to the boarding ramp. "Hey Cap," he called out, looking about for Yulo's wide frame. "Me an' Betty are ready for action. You think things are gonna get hot?"


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