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The Starport Ghestree News Feed

The freighter Lilac Rose has been officially declared lost. The last documented communication with the Rose was over two months ago. She was due to dock at Starport Ghestree but has not arrived. Hansa Jeren, the captain of the Rose, was a welcome sight here on Starport Ghestree. She made regular runs between Ghestree and Havath for the past five years, being on contract with the small outpost there.

It is assumed that she ran afoul of the Klandatha, who have been encroaching on that area for some time now.

The following are the crew considered lost: Hansa Jeren (Captain), Lang Yioro (Pilot), Grey Jeren (Astronavigator), Natasha Holovna (Cargo Handler), Kranz Jeren (Mechanical Engineer), V'Tanik Hess (Mechanical/Electronics Specialist), Ulua Yaroivna (Computer Specialist), and Terence Venna (Public Relations).


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