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Author Topic: A Fast Exit  (Read 32966 times)

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Re: A Fast Exit
« Reply #375 on: July 29, 2014, 08:23:22 PM »
Autumn nodded, still attempting to wrap her mind around the concept that the changed Irina was still the same woman she knew and trusted the quip of flying off without her lodging itself in her mind as a faint seed of an idea, should she give them cause to doubt her self control and civilized manners before then anyway.

"A question captain, your former crew set down here to retrieve these eggs, I assume the retrieval was on behalf of a third party? Might it be prudent to pay that party a visit and inform them their cargo will not be forthcoming? perhaps  persuade them not to send a follow up retrieval team to this corner of the galactic fringe? It would save your Kotiri brethren from being kidnapped for a second time."