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« on: November 24, 2014, 07:58:31 PM »
Health Levels:                  8/8

Advancement points:             0

Strength   3D
Dexterity  3D
Mind,        3D
Spirit         3D


Melee                    STR+1D = 4D+1
Firearms       DEX+2D = 5D+2
Robotics        MIN+1D =  4D
Leadership       SPI +1D = 4D
Survival       MIN +1D = 4D
Land Vehicle Pilot    MIN +1D =4D
Demolitonsl      MIN+1 = 3D+2


Heavy Metal: Jerome gains +1D damage with his metal parts, and has a 1 in 6 chance of ignoring the effect of small arms fire and physical attacks of man-sized or smaller creatures.

Autumn has earned 20 character points of which 15 was spent on obtaining 3 specialty dice for mechanics

Double amputee - both legs below the knees.  Lungs are 50% prosthetic.

Who are you:  A loose wheel. RIFD partly due to his injuries.  Has seen the elephant, and now the whole zoo. 

Character Personality:  Largely unflappable, Jerome has been affected by his near-death in the Uprising.  A control freak, he still indulges in alcohol and occasionally other stimulants when it is safe to do so. Aloof due to lost love.. He has his home-worlds distaste for genetic modifications - though this is limited to those with a choice in the matter. 

 2 Combat leg prosthesis, better then normal speed and jumping capability, as well as providing quite a lethal kick more akin to a crowbar strike.
* 2 Aesthetic leg prosthesis - normal equivalent
* 1 TRMax Implanted Artificial lung, blood-fueled. Provides near-normal breathing with a noticeable lag response to strenuous activity.
* Jeromes' homeworld is strongly against genetic modification and is why he has prosthetics rather than replacement parts.

Equipment and Weapons

Telamir Hyperpnumatic Pistol, 8mm. (eqv muzzle energy to 9mm parabellum, compressed nitrogen propellent) 30 rnd magazine.
20mm Rocket Rifle, 6 HE, 4 AP, 10 Fragmentation
10mm Hyperpnuematic SMG, 4 50-rnd magazines
4 EMP Grenades
 Full Military Grade Pilot Armor (more compact than battle armor, for use within vehicles)
2 Autosentries (Robotic LMGs), 1 250-rnd belt caseless 5.56mm each. Wireless linked, pivoting but non-mobile.
4 Blast-bots (legged, robotic grenades)
Military uniform & standard kit
Full set of credentials

Dev point used:

2 pips (10) on Firearms
1 pip (4) on melee
2 pip (6) on Medical

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