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A tall man with a large cloak coplete with hood walks into the Citadel and takes a seat at the bar. "Wine please." He says in a slow transelvaninyan (pardon the spelling) actsent. He looks up but all you see is the shade of the iside of his cloak. He grabs up the wine and slowly drinks it down and then walks off to the corner leaving to gold coins by the drink one spinning like a top.

A young mage steps, carrying a staff. She glances around. "Hello there, newcomer. Welcome to the Citadel. My name is Siren."

"Well met." said the traveler from the corner. "Call me Blue...tho...thats a little vague call me what ever you all decide on it matters none to me."


How the heck are you?

Get out of the shadows and have a 'real' drink. We don't let anybody slink around here, as soon as you enter you become a friend so put back your hood and have some food and be merry with us!!"

Normally the statements wouldn't be so unusual except they are coming from the lips of an antlered squirrel.

Blue laughs from the corner and walks out. "how could I refuse a squirles offer, yes yes wheres this real drink?" Said blue while pulling back his hood showing his chalk white skin.


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