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A full complement of crew for the freighter Hollen's Prize.

Travel to the exotic worlds of The Outer Rim! Far away from the rigid and regimented life of the Core! Do you seek adventure? Wish to escape the boring drudgery of life in this overly-civilized domain? Whatever the reason, whatever your background. If you have the skills, we are looking for You!

We are seeking:

* Pilot/Astrogator
* Computer and Electronics Specialist
* Mechanical Engineer
* Medic
* Cargo Handler (military background preferred)
Preference will be given to candidates with military or para-military training and/or cross-training in other shipboard disciplines. Standard liability waivers will apply.

Please PM details if interested.

Filled positions will be noted.

All positions have been filled. Crew members will soon receive instructions and departure times.

Frag that! You ever been to the Outer Rim? Between the pirates and the Klandatha, I give these fools six months!

-- Jax Rider

I looked it up and Hollen's Prize is owned by that Yulo Queren. Buddy of mine crewed with him once. Haven't seem him since. I'd steer clear of that guy, unless you can't get hired onto one of the legitimate lines.

-- Theodore Hauser


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