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Overhauling other peoples abandoned subs?

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After browsing through some more of the Citadel;s lower rated subs I noticed many that had a lot of under developed potential. (Example: http://strolen.com/viewing/Arwin_Lightfoot ) that was never fully realized by the original author and now lie abandoned to decay having never achieved their rightful glory.

In short do people think it would be acceptable/fun for such subs (those with a rating below 2.5 and over a year or so old)  to be "available" to anyone that was interested to take it, give it an overhaul and resubmit it?

(Hmm this could also be the subject of a quest too now that I think about it...)

Not so sure on these ideas, but I'm going to throw them out anyway.

What about low votes and/or extremely inactive authors' submissions go into the wiki-style range? I'm not sure if wiki style posts keep a history of edits, though that would be nice in these situations.

Or maybe certain really old posts (low votes/ inactive authots again) can be requested to  change hands, or have a mod add a new author to it, so that it can be edited. It would be interesting to have a list of subs that are "up for grabs" for those of us who would like a foundation to work from.

I still like the idea of implementing some sort of raffle system, the dice game is a step towards it but I'll say it here now: This is probably a bad idea, as we promote freely sharing ideas, but what about raffling off subs/ideas/hooks for expansion, and if done within a time limit and reach a certain vote (3?), they grant extra xp? Just a few ideas. But I do like the thought of revisiting old subs, good call, Silv.

I think the easiest approach is simply to create a new sub and add a II to the title and leave the original linked to the new version.

Val has pointed out a very good solution... I keep trying to turn the Citadel into an arcade and he suggests an already existing option. I think this is a great idea. Should we have a freetext for overhauled subs? Just in case one would care to browse them? Just more ideas.


I agree with leaving the original untouched. Imagine if you left the site for a year or two and then decided to come back and found that some of your subs were claimed and edited by the site.


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