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Yet another Musketeer movie

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I know I should hate this.  Yet. Yet.  Okay.  The trailer shows lots of Kung Fu movie influences on the action scenes, there are all the familiar faces recast to make things complicated, and there are steampunk influences (flying ships?  Derrigables?  Really?).  It is a formulaic accounting of what is hot in the fantasy set.   Yet. Yet.

The actions scenes look good. Unlike The Musketeer, which was just a showcase for the actor's talents, these actually look great. Swordfighting/ fencing that actually follows Italian and French traditions.  Sets and Scenery, properly lavish.  The acting seems a bit above the norm for this sort of thing.  I do like some odd Steampunk. 

Okay. I want to see it.   I need to see it.  I probably need to see it opening weekend, because it won't appeal to enough people fast enough to have much staying power.  Probably will own the DVD someday, no matter how bad it is - because even if it is just average, then it will still be good enough. 

Definitely one I have to see as soon as I hits DVD, thanks for the link!

I enjoyed it much! Timeline for the creation of more dirigibles was a bit surprising and unexplained but the action was great and I don't remember disliking the story either.

It was a fun re-imagining of the Three Musketeers, although it felt more like the pilot for a tv series then a full on movie. (Not necessarily a bad thing mind you)

I'm expecting a sequel or two if it turns out to be a big enough success, perhaps something to replace the Pirates of the Caribbean series that seems to be winding to a close?

I'm going to go against the general consensus here and say that I didn't find it to be as good as expected. The steam punk was cool though.

Also, there is no way this will be bigger than PotC. Ever.


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